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mengubah penampilan avakinlife😉 jadi lebih cantik
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how to make up like princes avakin life😍😘
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Indonesia ☺ today the video shared is a video of a haunted house owned by a grandmother and her grandson called metri asking to stay there for a week to get a comfortable vacation. but in that big and beautiful house it turned out to have a female guardian. he has long occupied the house. and that woman hates whoever lives in that house. his grandmother gave his granddaughter metra tau so as not to stay there because there are many missing and injured because menempatti home tersebut.namun grandson do not believe in things like ghosts and others. the first time ali entered the big house that he was in the sign. how his story witnessed his story above😊. please watch! 😁 do not forget like, comment and subcribe? and tap the bell to get my latest video information.😘 follow instagramku @avakinlife_barbiemetri and @ metrikir😌. ok that's it just a notification for friends!.
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Barbie princess charm school avakin life
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(indo) 💗drawing anime manga girl💗
hi everyone😊 introduce my name metri I'm 16 years old I really love anime from still small until now because of that I also created a special Instagram image of my anime works and in this video I am drawing a female manga anime☺ I hope you like it if you like please like, subscribe, comment, and share to friends "you guys who love Japanese anime! go follow my instagram : http://instagram.com/metmiki_haruka for more💕💕💕 facebook : metri van kir💗 #animelovers #animedrawing #pincil #animepincil Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free
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avakin life dance
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manikucelens avakin life😘 .jangan lupa like dan subscraibe
Video ku jangan lupa like dan subscraibe yah? serta tekan belnya agar tidak terlambat mendapat video terbaruku☺ follow instagramku @avakinlife_barbiemetri @metrikir😊
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draw a girl manga anime with a pencil.(indo)
Hello all! today I am back again with a video drawing a female anime with a pencil. I hope you like it. Don't forget to like, subscribe, share and comment? if you like my video. Your help means a lot. if you want to see many other anime just follow me on Instagram: 👇 @metmiki_haruka. my facebook; 👇 @metri van kir okay that's all about the info. That is all and thank you. #anime#drawanime#puncil#drawinganimegirl#draw#art#videomenggambar#animeindo#animeart#animekawaii#animemanga#animecute#animepincil
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side to side avakinlife
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let it go avakin life(Frozen)
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how to color the manga woman anime😊
follow me on Instagram @metmiki_haruka to see more of my other photos and videos😊💗💕💗💕💗💕💕💗💕 please like, subcribe, and comment right? 😃 and don't forget to share it with friends "you are an anime lover sorry if the anime coloring image is not good😆 because I am a beginner☺
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