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Unboxing Koreabuys BeautyBox + Natural Korean Makeup Tutorial [IND]
GOOD NEWS! Koreabuys (www.koreabuys.com) finally has their own BEAUTY BOX SUBSCRIPTION for us Korean Cosmetic Junkie~~~~~!!! *cheers* And I am very happy that I could be the first who try the box, so what are those?? Bet this beauty box is better than any~ ^^ With all products inside, I can create KOREAN NATURAL MAKEUP, they provide basic makeup products :D Hope my tutorial is easy to follow and can inspire, tag me whenever you do this look on instagram @Rheakim Grab yours: http://www.koreabuys.com/sales/sale_list.html?seq=455 xoxo
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Puppy Eyes Makeup Tutorial
What is the opposite of Cat Makeup? Of course Puppy Makeup! ^^ Win everybody's heart by giving them a cute and lovely stare lol *w* Here is the easy step by step tutorial to have a cute-pleasing-doe-eyed look~ Woof! Products used (focus on eyes): The Body Shop Brown Smokey Palette Etude House Eye Primer Proof10 Missha Liquid Eyeliner NYX Jumbo Pencil Eyeliner - White Which one do you like most? Kitten or puppy? :3 Let's have a chat! Add me on LINE: @Rheakim (with @)
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RIVERA Cosmetics one brand tutorial for this 2017 new year sweet and fresh look! Suka banget sama produk-produk Rivera soalnya cocok dipakai sama orang Asia khususnya Indonesia. Mulai dari tone warna shadenya sampe formulanya yang awet tapi gak bikin kering!♥ Proud to use Indonesian Cosmetics!♥ Hope this tutorial can inspire and don't forget to tag me if you recreate this look. Review products on blog soon! RIVERA SOCIALS: Instagram: @riveracosmetics Website: www.rivera-cosmetics.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiveraCosmetics MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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HOW TO: Take Instaworth Photos Without Photographer or Tripod!
Effort for the great photo is a must! Camera: Sony A500, Sony NEX5T, Iphone 6+ FOLLOW ME: Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheagita.com
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NYX The Goddess of Night Makeup |  UV Body Painting Tutorial
This is my entry for NYX BIG THING Makeup Challenge and I am on #TeamIniVindy yaaayyy wish the best and luck! Hanya memeriahkan sambil berdoa ajah hehehe.. Konsepnya sendiri adalah seorang Dewi Malam - NYX - yang jauh dari kemewahan karena dialah penguasa malam dan galaxy. I try to keep it simple but fierce and mysterious and colorful like the universe! :D Special thanks to Amel Leo sudah membantu dalam semua proses shootingnya! :* SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Grab your popcorn, seat back, and enjoy one of the wonder of God in Indonesia! No words could express my excitement towards this island - Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia. Actually "Labuan Bajo" is just one of the island, and so many protected island around there for tourist to visit. If you guys curious about how to get there and want to ask about the trip or tickets or even budget, don't hesitate to comment below :) See you on another Sun Chaser - travel with me~ FOLLOW MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: @gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Save 50% makeup time because noneed to create eyebrow anymore! It's super save for skin and damn eassyyyyyy to use!! Love YURICA EYEBROW TATTOO PEN from Charis Korea!!♥♥♥ This product was sent to me from Charis TRY ME features. I can try the latest Korean products for review purpose, you can be one of the Charis' Celeb too!! Simply sign up: https://celeb.hicharis.net/ To buy this affordable Yurica Tattoo Pen: http://hicharis.net/rheakim Free Shipping Promotion ends by 2016. ♥ MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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How to Look Like a Little Kid OR at least looks 15 years younger from now!
This is my tutorial to dress up and makeup like a little 10 years old girl, who loves to play and draw.....or at least 15 years younger from your age now~ Actually this video was made for #MarvellaContest2016 but couldn't make it on time lol. PRODUCTS USED: Benefit Cosmetic Pore Minimizer Primer The Body Shop Foundation Kyoto BeneBeam Matte Highlighter BeneTint Liptint Benefit Cosmetic Brow Gel Grey NOIR Lashes NYX White Eye Pencil Max Factor Posh Poppy Lipstick Benefit Cosmetic Lipgloss MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Got super duper extremely dry and sensitive skin? Don't need to panic, treat your body and skin right, they will be nicer to you! Take care of yourself from the inside, while doing some skincare routine which is HELPS A LOT to hydrate the skin. I just wanna share my skincare routine, because I am the #TEAMDRY hahahaha.. Hope you guys can find any solution or inspiration with this video :) PLACES TO BUY: Mizon Essence: https://www.instagram.com/elsyoungid/ Avene Recovery Cream: www.sociolla.com (code RHEA50 for 50K off) Noroid Adjunctive Cream: official pharmacy TBS Honey Body Butter: counter at mall Redwin Sorbolone: www.lazada.co.id SKII Eye Cream: counter at mall Bioderma Spray: www.sociolla.com (code RHEA50 for 50K off) Loccitane Body Oil: counter at mall MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @rheakim Snapchat: gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Cara Mudah Merawat Rambut yang Diwarnai
Aku berbagi 2 langkah mudah yang bisa dilakukan di rumah untuk menjaga dan merawat rambut yang diwarnai! Very easy two steps to have a home treatment for colored hair! :D Maaf rambutnya apa adanya ajah, gak kaya di iklan shampoo gitu deh yang hitam menjuntai berkilau gemilang bercahaya bagaikan matahari senja di ufuk timur *plak! Chat with me? Add me on LINE: http://line.me/ti/p/@kri7455y
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Sweet Cat Makeup Tutorial
Hello~! This is my first video making vlog tutorial for complete makeup! It's called "Sweet Cat Look" for those cat lovers all around the world :D Sorry for bad voice and any imperfects. Enjoy! Visit my blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com Twitter & Instagram: @Lil_Rhea
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Missha x LINE - BROWN Magic Cushion FULL Review & Vlog [ENG SUB]
Who is excited with Missha x LINE Friends series of makeup? I got one in my hand - BROWN MAGIC CUSHION omg omg omg so excited to hold this cute baby! Watch in HD, my super complete and honest and real review about this phenomenal cushion in early 2016! Turn on the CC button for English sub. So what character you like the most from LINE? Add me on LINE so we can chat about beauty and stuff: @Rheakim Comment and subscribe me ;) Find me on socials: Instagram: @Rheakim Twitter: @Rheakimsays Snapchat: @gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com xoxo
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ALLL ABOUT RATECARD - based on experience. Beberapa temen blogger/vlogger, pernah menanyakan tentang ratecard, akupun pernah kerja di sebuah agency MCN untuk influencers di Indonesia. Jadi aku mau sharing tentang ratecard selama aku belajar dari awal blogging sampai kerja di kantor itu dan sharing dengan beberapa teman-teman. Plus sedikit cerita latar belakang kegiatan b/vlogging ku :) !!DISCLAIMER!! Video ini murni SHARING dan sama sekali TIDAK menggurui/sok tahu/sok pinter/sok kece. Terimakasih. Yang mau tanya-tanya lebih lanjut bisa add LINE@ aku ya @RHEAKIM Hope can inspire, yang punya sharing lain ayok comment dibawah yaaa I'd love to know!! Subscribeeee~ xoxo MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: Gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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SNOGGING LIPS MAKEUP - Trend Lipstik Luber 2017 [IND]
WHAT and HOW is Snogging Lips Trend?? It's becoming hype in Feb 2017 this super quirky awkward lipstick application trend which was so controversial XD Me demoing a superrrrrrr easy tutorial here! And for the story of this look please read my blog (Indonesian language): https://rheapunya.blogspot.co.id/2017/03/what-is-snogging-lips-tutorial.html MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim
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CL 2NE1 Signature Make-up Tutorial [IND]
Hey Blackjacks! Looking for CL? Here I got a simple way to make CL's signature style of makeup - BOLD! She's so gorgeous and her makeup is really nice to do~ :D Which 2NE1 do you like most? :) Don't forget to comment and subscribe me! Music by: ADreamOfficial - Come Back Home Instrumental - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1zEn48eyJI Products used: Etude House Face Blur Primer The Body Shop BB Cream #1 Holika Holika Cover & Hide Concealer Dolly Wink Eyeshadow #2 Wet&Wild Mega Liner Wardah Liquid Eyeliner Blink Charm Lashes #1 Etude House Dear Darling Tint #4 Max Factor Lipbalm #poppy Find me on socials: Instagram: @Rheakim Twitter: @Rheakimsays Ask fm: @Missrhea LINE: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Maybelline Bitten Lips - Ombre in ONE Swipe - Swatches
Much much easier to create Korean ombre lips with this BITTEN LIPS Series from Maybelline! In just one swipe, they are really perfect for everyday use! :D OWN THEM: http://www.sociolla.com/makeup/4569-lip-flush-bitten-lip.html?search_query=maybelline&results=47 GET DISCOUNT: Use code SBNLAPM0 for 300K min purchase. MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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7 Ways to Wear Blush On - BLUSHPERIMENT [ENG]
Who says that wearing blush is depends on face shape???? Bored with the usual style of blush? Need some fresh idea to wear blush on? Dare to try another makeup style? THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU! I am so sorry for any bad application of the blush, because I erase and use the same place for it (read: my cheek), lol. I hope you enjoy my video, and don't forget to comment and subscribe :3 Instagram: @Rheakim Twitter: @Rheakimsays Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Kendall Jenner Makeup for Monolids | Absolute New York ONE BRAND TUTORIAL [ind[
Inpired by Kendall Jenner, here's my monolid makeup version with #OneBrandTutorial with ABSOLUTE NEW YORK COSMETICS~!! Congratulations for grand opening in Jakarta (17 May 2017). Curious about the qualities? Please read my complete honest review and swatches on my blog: (editing photos in progress, update Blog Link soon!!) FOLLOW & TAG ME ON INSTAGRAM! @Rheakim www.rheagita.com
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#YTYE Broadcast Box with Rhea, Han Yoora, and Graciuso! - We Wish U A Merry Christmas
So much FUN I had from Youtube Year End 2015 #YTYE !!! I met lots of new cool people and messing around with my buddies there~ Here is one of the example, we were first time trying Youtube Broadcast Box with live editing wooohhoooo!! So excited!! So this is our "annoying christmas song" lololololol~ XD Subscribe meeee ^^
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Heavy Rotation Dance Cover
This video made in around 2012, when I was still in University, with my besties we created this girl-band-like named "Mocca Kissu" and did dance cover for JKT48 song "Heavy Rotation", that actually we were joining Pocari Sweat Dance Competition. We practiced by ourselves, because of our distances and business. We learned from Youtube also, and we were having so much fun! Well we did not win, but this was just a beautiful memory from my past, and I will never ever forget it! So lemme just share it here~ Hope you like it, and maybe someday I am able to do dance cover again.
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Canolla Field Harden, Australia
Pergi bareng aku yuk jalan-jalan road trip ketemu kangguru, berburu foto di padang canola di Harden, NSW. Hasil foto dan peta: http://www.rheagita.com/2017/10/harden-the-beautiful-golden-field.html MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim
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Fiuh finally upload, enjoy the REAL version of Pony Makeup's filter Makeupplus by me! :D MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: Gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Dr. Jart+ Dermask - Lift Up Your Face Line - REVIEW
Product of the Week! Dr. Jart+ has the best mask ever, with different texture from other usual mask. Watch to know why I love this Dermask! ^^ Kindly subscribe if you like~ See you later~ Me on Social Medias! Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com Line ID: gitalesmana Instagram: @Rheakim 17: @Rheakim Twitter: @RheakimSays
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HALLOWEEN Makeup - Mary Had a Little Lamb Horror
Get ready for the nightmare, because I am bringing the famous childhood song in a twist! Here is a creepy version of Mary who had a little bloody lamb. Dare yourself to watch this video till the credits end! *evil smirk* What's your costume for this halloween? Tell me! Find me on socials: Twitter: @RheaKimSays Instagram: @RheaKim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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How to: Flawless Poreless Glowing Base Makeup with BCL Skin Flat [IND]
Base makeup itu penting banget untuk memulai ritual makeup baik untuk sehari-hari yang natural maupun yang glamour dan fashion♥ Aku menggunakan BCL Skin Flat series untuk 3 langkah praktis bikin base makeup mulusss: menutup pori-pori dan jerawat + meratakan warna wajah. BCL Skin Flat aku dapat di www.kaycollection.com DISKON 50rb min 200rb KODE::♥♥♥ KBARHEAKIM ♥♥♥ #kayroadtojapan #bclbrowlash MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Makeup Lebaran - ALL The Body Shop PRODUCTS [IND]
One brand makeup tutorial kali ini adalah THE BODY SHOP - brand favorit aku yang 100% VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE dan AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING, jadi aku bisa tampil cantik dengan hati tenang tanpa perlu kasihan sama kelinci dan tikus di lab kosmetik! Inspirasi makeup lebaran kali ini adalah dari Arabian makeup, yang khas dengan smokey bold eyes~ Subscribe ya kalau kalian suka videoku ^^ PRODUCTS USED: (All The Body Shop) Fresh Nude Foundation Kyoto Blossom Loose Powder 03 Bronzing Powder Matte 04 3 in 1 Brow Definer Liquid Eyeliner Black Lip & Cheek Stain Bright Peony Eye Definer Gold Big & Curvy Mascara Eye Palette Smokey Brown (Discontinued) ~ Shimmer Cubes Palette 06 (Available dupes) MUSIC (already got permission): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AvV-toxsdU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooVmgS9Vo6w&feature=youtu.be MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: @gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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How to Look Like Audrey Hepburn
I really adore Audrey Hepburn in her style and personality. This is my re-creation of her vintage and classy makeup style - hope it's easy to follow, especially for anyone who struggle with monolids :p Do you like her? She's super classy, gorgeous, and wise. Also I think this kind of vintage makeup is super lovable and can be used for any kind of event! ^^ Products used: The Face Shop Gold Foundation Shu Uemura Lightbulb Powder The Body Shop Eyeshadow Set Smokey Brown Wet n Wild Eyeliner Liquid Black The Balm Hot Mama Blush Benefit High Beam Highlighter Revlon Colorstay #415 MUFE Plexy Gloss in Pink Godiossa Hemera Eyelashes
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IndoBeauty Vlogger 1st Anniv Party! || Scrambled Egg #5
Super seneng akhirnya pesta anniversary IBV (Indo Beauty Vlogger) yang pertama bisa berjalan lancar dan terbilang sukses!!! Puji Tuhan untuk semua buat cuaca dan jalanan yang baik, komunitas yang solid, dan sponsor yang membuat semua ini bisa ada!!! Thankyou!!!! Ngintip yuk serunya acara pertama IBV ini, semoga bisa bikin yang lebih heboh lagi tahun depan! ♥♥ Sponsors: Benefit Cosmetic, Smartfren, Belsbee, Reinedoll Brush, Stylehaul, GHD Hair, Canon, Tribunnews, KTV. Venue: Bistronomy Jakarta I love my IBV girls, and I love you my subscribers!!! ♥♥
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DIY Rose Gold Hair at Home with Manic Panic [IND]
To achieve a beautiful mix between ROSE and GOLD, you first need a GOLDEN or YELLOWISH tone of hair. See my story first to achieve this kind of golden hair, yes, bleached it twice~!! WATCH MY BROWN TO GOLDEN HAIR TRANSFORMATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWTuxDZlQIc After coloring, RINSE THE HAIR WITH WATER (preferred cold), NO NEED TO SHAMPOOING~ WHAT YOU NEED TO DIY ROSE GOLD HAIR AT HOME: 1. Hair (of course), i mean, a golden hair. 2. Manic Panic Cotton Candy color classic. 3. Gloves (or not). 4. Spatula (or not). 5. Unused bowl. 6. Any brand of conditioner to pastelize the color. 7. Towel. 8. One hour of your life. Hope this help and inspire~ xx Subscribeeee~~ and follow me on instagram: @Rheakim
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3 Minutes Makeup CHALLENGE with Veronica Ong
Get ready with us in just 3 MINUTES of makeup time!! XD Watch me and Veronica, we are both blonde-twinnie, and we are challenging ourself to do this rushing makeup challenge *evil laugh* So hectic and clueless! If we succeed, then all girls don't need to worry about makeup time anymore lol~ Pretty in a quick! Our BLINDFOLD Makeup Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQPQhen1Xck FIND US ON SOCIALS: Youtube channel RHEA's : http://youtube.com/rheakim VERONICA's : http://youtu.be/WFG6wNeKD_A INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/veroonicaong www.instagram.com/rheakim TWITTER www.twitter.com/veroonicaong www.twitter.com/rheakimsays SNAPCHAT @gitalesmana @veroonicaong ASK.FM @veroonicaong @missrhea xoxo
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Everyday-Brow Tutorial with Solone Eyebrow Pencil [ID]
Here is my eyebrow tutorial for everyday look~ I am using Solone eyebrow pencil, and do a review in this video. For anyone who needs a great and affordable eyebrow pencil, this may be for you! See my eyebrow makeover and transformation: http://rheapunya.blogspot.co.id/2014/12/brow-grooming-at-browhaus-indonesia.html Got this Solone perfect eyebrow pencil at instagram @San_Makeup Do leave some comments and please subscribe~ ^^ Find me on socials: Twitter: @RheaKimSays Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Translate the clumsy yet cutiepie cupcake DORY into fierce yet edgy one! It's a collabiration with Querraa Mellca! Check out RAA's version: https://youtu.be/K6FdoytDHmU MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @rheakim Snapchat: @gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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It's Althea's Birthday but I was the one who got presents. And you can also get presents during this July 2016! xD I will review all of those stuffs inside the cute big box! ^^ Althea's Birthday Celebration 20th - 31st July, 2016 Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit For orders placed on 20/7 onwards. While stocks last. Free Goodies for first 1,500 shoppers Full size beauty products. While stocks last. Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE! Rebate will be credited into your account. #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest - Got your Althea party kit? Wish us a happy birthday with #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea! - Prizes total worth KRW10,000,000 to be won. - Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August, 2016. MORE SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: @gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Song Hye Kyo's MUST-HAVE Makeup on "Descendents of the Sun" drama! Be like her with this cushion~ *lol MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Askfm: @Missrhea Snapchat: Gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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WARDAH One Brand Tutorial - No False Lashes [ID]
Wardah adalah brand lokal yang terkenal dan berkualitas banget dari Indonesia. Kali ini aku menantang diri untuk "No False Lashes" dalam makeup! Semua produk adalah dari Wardah dan kalau kalian penasaran dengan review lengkap masing-masih produk silahkan visit my blog: http://rheapunya.blogspot.com/2017/04/wardah-one-brand-review-and-tutorial.html Tag me if you recreate this makeup! :D Instagram: @Rheakim
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Rollover Reaction Sueded! Swatches & Review [ENG]
Better late than never, here's my super favorite liquid lipstick ROLLOVER REACTION! Totally in love, and it's 100% made in Indonesia, proud and respect~ Their very first collection: Sueded! colors, can be applied on cheek too. Available on Sociolla.com (use RHEA50 for some discount at checkout). FOLLOW ME ON SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: @gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com If you want to ask question you can ask me to ask.fm/missrhea
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Every human holds the universe, taking care of the galaxy. PRODUCTS USED: Sleek I-Divine Candy Palette Lioele Dollish Tear Liner Video & Photo: Mateus Sihombing Songs: Sky Full of Stars - Katherine Cordova Piano Cover MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: GitaLesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Kepedesan sambil bikin alis on fleek???? Challenge Accepted! XD Check their videos too: Veronica Ong's Oreo Challenge: https://youtu.be/Y6A9koucSQ0 Prisciel Lee's Chubby Bunny Challenge: https://youtu.be/la4nclTI61c Subscribeeee~ xoxo
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My HongKong Haul Story [IND]  ||  Scrambled Egg #9
Belanja di Hongkong itu seru katanyaaaaa! Eittsss kalo berduit bisa beli branded and high-end brands dengan harga super miring tapi gimana kalo yang diburu barang biasa?? Yuk nonton apa aja yang aku berhasil buru dan tawar-tawar di Hongkong, beserta rekomendasi tempat belanja! :D Copy my itinerary and read my trips on blog: http://rheapunya.blogspot.co.id/2016/08/hongkong-macau-trip-and-tips.html Kalian pernah ke Hongkong? Comment dong kemana aja belanjanya :D
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About Me - Rhea Kim
Hi! It's me Rhea Kim (or Gita Lesmana) a beauty blogger behind www.rheapunya.blogspot.com! I am joining Beauty Bound so I can share what I love to another people, and this is my first introducing by video XD See you at another time! #aboutme #beautybound
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200K Makeup Challenge ft. Momo, Endi & Dea - IBV [IND]
Siapa bilang makeup cantik kece baday harus mahal?? Selama makeup itu aman, kita bisa bikin berbagai jenis makeup lohhh. Ini dia hasil makeup aku menggunakan produk-produk yang semuanya DIBAWAH 200 RIBU!! Produk-produk ini hasil swap bersama vloggers gorjes, check out their flawless makeup video too! MOMO CLEO https://youtu.be/8jHVQbUeF2s ENDI FENG https://youtu.be/T5PmWreMmSk Dannnn aku pun beliin 200k makeup untuk: DEA DESIDERIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnBgyCHmips Products used? Apa aja yang Dea beliin buat aku? Watch my video yaaa ^^ Tag me on instagram @Rheakim if you do this look :D xoxo
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Go to Dog's Cafe! [IND]  ||  Scrambled Egg #4
Jalan-jalan ke cafe yang lagi hype nih selain cat cafe, ada juga dog cafe di Gading Serpong. Kamu dog lovers? Jangan ngaku-ngaku kalau belum main kesini yah lol. Gemeessssshhh~!!♥ Anyway ini live daily vlog pertama aku, sesuai dengan request dari beberapa orang untuk bikin daily vlog. Sorry ya kalau shaky, dan noisy banget suaranya huhuhu, kalau kalian suka, subscribe dan comment yaaa biar besok-besok aku bikin daily vlog lagi ^^ Ayooo share ke temen-temen kamu yang suka sama doggy♥♥ Instagram: @rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com ♥
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Rainbow Highlighter with Sleek Candy Palette [ENG]
The new 2016 trend: RAINBOW HIGHLIGHT, in Rhea's style~! I'm using my first love - Sleek Divine Candy Palette, all in one to create this "Rainbow" feels on my cheek. Iluminating as blush + contouring in on look!! Give it a try! :D :D :D MY SOCIALS: Instagram: @rheakim Twitter: @rheakimsays Snapchat: @gitalesmana Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com Spread the happiness!
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Peach Monochrome Makeup Tutorial
Monochrome makeup is on its way to become a new hype in town, girls. In this video I show you my version of Peach Monochrome Makeup - simple and easy ^^ Note: But I'm sorry to use pinkish eyeshadow, should use my peach blush as eyeshadow T_T please don't mind it ok :) Products used: The Face Shop Golden Foundation Shu Uemura Lightbulb Powder Solone Eyebrow Pencil #Grey Sleek Candy Eye Palette Missha Eyeliner The Balm Hot Mama Blush Dolly Wink Lashes #1 The Face Shop Vita Tok Peach NYX Buttergloss Pink Find me on socials Instagram: @Rheakim Twitter: @Rheakimsays Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Makeup Style Exchange with Bestfriend [IND]
Time for makeup style exchange with your bae! Does her makeup style is suitable for me? Two everyday makeup tutorials inside this video, hope can be inspiration for you and your best friend~ It’s fun! ^^ Follow me on socials: Instagram: @Rheakim Snapchat: gitalesmana Also check out Celine’s socials: Instagram: @heldymarcellin Snapchat: heldymarcellin
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The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion - Event and Product Review
Hi~ Loving this new cushion from The Face Shop. It called Oil Control Water Cushion, made from water and could control oil on face. I joined the launching party at Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pictorial post review is on blog~ Visit: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com and don't forget to subscribe my channel~ :) Thanks for watching, and oooppss I am singing in this video :p
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5 Tipe Pengendara Nyebelin Jakarta - Scrambled Egg #1
Bener gak sih teman-teman Jakartans? Sharing juga dong apa sih yang bikin kamu harus pencet klakson? Buat pelajaran aja bagi aku dan kita semua biar lebih tertib memakai jalanan di Jakarta. Demi cintaku untuk Jakarta. I love Jakarta! Scrambled Egg - is a playlist of my random talk about my roller-coaster life. Could be story, advice, experience, and unimportant things. Because I believe, even a bad day could be turned into a delicious lesson, just like a scrambled egg! ^^ Find me on socials: Twitter: @RheaKimSays Instagram: @RheaKim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Easy & Natural #NoMakeUpMakeUp Tutorial - #BeautyBoundAsia Challenge
Stay fresh, clean, flawless, and simple with less makeup! Because LESS is MORE~ Here my version of easy and natural #NoMakeupMakeup! Skin care used: SKII clear lotion SKII facial treatment essence SKII RNA power cream Makeup used: SKII CC cream Shu Uemura powder NYX natural eyeshadow The Body Shop Eyebrow Aubeau pencil eyeliner Revitalash mascara Benefit benetint blush Emina cosmetic lips On hair: just bobby pin and hair rubber :p Hope you enjoy this tutorial~ Find me on socials: Twitter: @RheaKimSays Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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Summer Beauty & Lifestyle Inspirations by Rhea Kim
Hi~ Back with me, now I'm sharing about Beauty and Lifestyle in Summer! Anyone here loves summer? ^^ Share with me, what is your summer lifestyle? Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com #BeautyBoundAsia #BBAChallenge1 #SeasonalSkincare
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Makeup Tutorial for Attending a WEDDING PARTY
MARRIAGE SEASON is coming to town! Let's think about new dresses, and new makeup inspiration for attending the parties~ ^^ Here's my simple and cute look for party, I hope this video can be a new idea and easy to follow. So, how many wedding invitation you already got this month? XD Don't forget to eat a lot at the party! Lol~ PRODUCTS USED: The Face Shop Gold Ampoule Foundation Shu Uemura Lightbulb Powder Solone Perfect Eyebrow Pencil Make Over Love at the First Sight Palette Missha Liquid Eyeliner Lashouse Chloe Eyelashes Benefit Rockitude Set NYX Wonder Stick 02 LA Girl Matte Va Voom Find me on socials: Twitter: @RheaKimSays Instagram: @Rheakim Blog: www.rheapunya.blogspot.com
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