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My daily hijab tutorial by Richa Etika Ulhaq
Hi everyone, as I promised, this is my daily hijab tutorial part 1 which I usually wear for my daily hijab style. Hope you like it! ^^ I usually wear @marionstheory basic scarf for this kind of hijab style. Go check their page on www.instagram.com/marionstheory I'll upload more video soon! So, Don't forget to like and subscribe :))
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My daily hijab tutorial by Richa Etika Ulhaq (Part 2)
Hi guys! So this is my second hijab tutorial. I usually wear voal or voile fabricated scarf for this kind of hijab style. It's like soft, smooth, and slight fabric. In this video, I wear patterned scarf from zara. You can check the fabric at their store to make sure what kind of fabric the scarf is. Enjoy and hope you like it! Don't forget to like and subscribe :))) if you have any request, please send me a comment bellow. Thanks for watching and visiting my channel :)
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Tips Merawat Rambut Bagi yang Berhijab (Haircare) by Richa EU
Hi Everyone, I want to share my haircare in this video. Just leave a comment kalau kalian punya pertanyaan lebih lanjut ya! Jangan lupa like. share, and subscribe :) Hope you enjoy! #DoveHairfall #DoveIDN instagram : instagram.com/richaeu twitter : twitter.com/richaeu
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1st Notes: Goes to Jakarta
Hi, everyone! This is my first VLOG! Yeay! I'm still trying tho :3 This video is featuring @risalahestetika Photoshoot team @louiestacy @nullinielle #DoveHairfall #DoveIDN Don't forget to like and subscribe yaa :)
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2nd Notes: Find a spot around National Central University (NCU) & Eat curry with Ruri
Hi Everyone! It’s actually my second notes or you guys have pronounced it with VLOG. Tapi di video ini aku salah sebut vlog ke-3. Mianhae~ 😂 Di video ini aku mengajak kalian untuk hunting spot foto disekitar danau zhong da dan makan kari udang enak! 👍🏼 🎬 Sorry for the unstable camera. It’s hard for me to make it stay well ‘cause i’m not a real vlogger 🤓 So, jangan lupa subscribe dan like ya! See on the next video ♥️
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a&r Indonesia photoshoot with ameliaelle, aghniapunjabi, yukikoayu, and steffanibpm
Hi! this is my next project with the newest department store in Malang, Indonesia, a&r! you can visit http://instagram.com/anrindonesia yeay! see you on April 21 2017 at a&r Grand Opening!
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Marion's Fashion Theory: YUMA & SUMIRE
• Video by http://www.instagram.com/rezadwirahmadian • Outfit by http://www.instagram.com/@marionstheory http://www.instagram.com/@marionstheory.catalog • In frame http://www.instagram.com/@richaeu & http://www.instagram.com/@risalahestetika • Taken at Savana, Bromo
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Marion's Fashion Theory: A Day in Batavia
@marionstheory short video campaign Model: Risa @risalahestetika & Richa @richaeu Risa wears: - Slate gray basic scarf - Hanna black abaya Richa wears: - Dusty rose basic scarf - Cora fringed lace kimono in black - Mioko floral pants Video by: Risa & Richa Edited by: Richa Backsound: Footsteps - Jeff Kaale
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First video : Photo session
This is my very first video on youtube when I did a photo session for @yeppushop. I'll try to use this channel to upload more than 15 minutes video which I can't really do on instagram. So I'll post hijab tutorial and natural makeup soon that I usually wear. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe! :)
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Marion's Fashion Theory: MOE
This is the latest campaign of http://www.instagram.com/marionstheory for RAYA 2017 In this video, I wore: - Navy blue basic scarf - MOE outerwear Inner and pants are not included.
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